On Turntables and Presidential Stay-cations

Driving the 101 on a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles, me, my mom and kids were headed to the Natural History Museum In Los Angeles.

Palm trees, the Hollywood sign and the Capitol Records building were all en route to our destination.

Growing up here, the Capitol Records building never ceased to amaze me.  The simple genius in erecting a building that produced some of the greatest music ever in the shape of a stack of records on a turntable…well the sight just never got old to me.

“Kids!” I shouted to them as the iconic building was slowly (we were on the 101, after all) emerging. ” Look!  It’s the Capitol Records building.  It’s in the shape of a stack of records…[cue the crickets].”

“They are never going to know what that is,”  I resignedly told my mother sitting beside me.

My kids didn’t even bother answering me.  They just wanted to know how much longer we had to drive.  There was nothing special about a building in the shape of objects that were virtually obsolete and that they would likely never even see.

In other news and developments, apparently we’re all supposed to get excited that President Obama basically equated marijuana and alcohol – but stopped at endorsing its legalization.

That’s truly lovely, however, I’m still not past the fact that my insurance is not the sweet coverage that it used to be, courtesy of Mr. President.

Nor am I past the fact that he just got back from a seventeen day luxury Hawaiian vacation that cost a reported $4 million.  That comes out to approximately $235,000 a day.

Can you remember the last time you had a vacation that long and that expensive? Neither can I.

Is it just me or should the Presidents advisors have recommended a stay-cation?


5 thoughts on “On Turntables and Presidential Stay-cations

  1. Fortunately, my son still knows what a “record” is, as he is constantly running over to turn the music down when I’m not looking! I never thought about the fact that Capitol Records might one day be just admired for being a unique building! 🙂
    Sigh… hate the whole insurance issues. And those vacations of his just kill me… ugh.

    • I am just jealous that you even have the ability to play them. A record circa 1980 from the movie Annie sits ever so quietly waiting to be played. Yes, indeed, Annie, tis a hard knock life. Alas just look at what our President has done to this once great country. I don’t believe that the sun will, in fact , rear its head tomorrow. It’s too busy being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that for Mr. President.

  2. You old miss! They probably think of records – as in broken. Like you telling something is sounding like a broken record. Or maybe that’s my kids and me. Either way, I think it’s kind of cool. Probably not what you were going for.

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