Polar Vortex VS. New Health Care “Reforms”: I’ll Take The Vortex Please

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season.  I spent the previous week dreading and then enduring the ominous Polar vortex that left me literally hiding under the covers.

That and the awful change in my health insurance didn’t exactly leave me with feelings of enthusiasm for the new year.

But like I said, my health care coverage changed…and well, I now the only thing I have to look forward to is November 2016 when we will have a new President who will hopefully be smart enough to repeal these idiotic laws.  And quick.

Prior to the Presidential election of 2004, the Wall Street Journal published an eye-popping editorial about the millions of Americans who were facing life sans health insurance.  Healthcare costs were and still are prohibitively expensive.  There were too many people walking around our great country without adequate – if that – health insurance.  And of course that needed fixing. That, however, was not the eye-popping part.  It was the part about the millions who could comfortably afford health insurance but still elected not to purchase coverage.  Healthcare reform played a big role in that election but the truth was that the numbers were skewed and inaccurate and were not an accurate reflection of the issue.

Our present-day government and its leader decided to fix (though their definition of fixing is dubious, at best) our healthcare system through wholly misguided means and measures.  So now, today, in 2014, instead of it being a broken healthcare system for a few million people, it is now broken for everybody.

Trying to pick up some prescriptions from CVS only fueled my irritation.  My insurance company sent me a special credit card to use to pay for the obnoxiously high deductible I now have to reach.  It was suggested I use the new plastic to pay for any co-pays from doctor’s visits and prescriptions.

By the way, if anybody actually likes this new system, I’d like to know.  Really.  Because I myself have yet to meet anyone across the socioeconomic stratosphere who is actually benefitting from these changes.


6 thoughts on “Polar Vortex VS. New Health Care “Reforms”: I’ll Take The Vortex Please

    • Basically, the issue was that millions of Americans were running around without health insurance and politicians were arguing that all these millions of Americans could not afford the high cost of health insurance. Hence, healthcare reform was – and is – a big issue. Of course reforms should be enacted for those millions of Americans who truly can’t afford coverage. However, the number of people counted wasn’t accurate. A considerable percentage of those people who were uninsured could easily afford health insurance yet for one reason or another chose not to purchase coverage. The editorial argued that the healthcare reform issue was being blown way out of proportion because of the inaccuracy of the numbers. Politicians would use the inflated numbers to further their cause, I suspect because the actual numbers were just not dramatic enough. It worked this time.

  1. I hate the new system, the additional fees associated with it have caused my insurance to go up over $60/mo. Yuck! Fortunately, I got to keep my insurance. Now I just have to figure out how the “rebate” works and what tax credit I’m supposed to get to balance out the fact that I’m self-insured. Ugh. I just hate it!

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