Don’t Start Your Engines…

I’d like to thank psycho dad for giving me the material for today’s post.

Yes you read that correctly.

This week I had a very unsettling encounter with a deranged parent when I drove carpool with three little girls sitting patiently waiting to arrive at their destination.

The same can’t be said for the lunatic I am about to discuss.

The  school has two lanes designated for carpool.

As I pulled into the driveway I noticed the right lane was backed up so I attempted to take the left lane.

Only some loser in his BMW (not that I have anything against BMW some of my best friends drive them)-  decided to sit idle while taking up both lanes and so that one could not even attempt to go to the left lane.

Fine, I thought.  Be like that.  This happens this time of year.  The parent who usually does not do the driving does it this week and not again for the rest of the year oblivious to safety procedures and protocols established by the school.

Finally the lane began to move – no thanks to said Jerk – and BMW moves over a bit – though not enough.  Apparently he felt everyone needed to make room for him and his German engineering.  I suspect however that his car is probably the only mature, sophisticated and elegant thing about him.

Having maneuvered myself cozily in the left lane I started to try and drive, but Moron decided to open up his car door and block traffic some more.

I lift up my arms in a “Dude, what up?” motion when much to my horror, loser of the week starts walking up to my car yelling and flailing his arms at me, all while little the girls are sitting in the back of my car.

This crazy beast was really going ballistic all because I had I put my hands up in an exasperated way.

He motioned for me to roll down my window so he could verbally assault me some more.  I rolled it down just enough for me to tell him to calm himself down and then promptly rolled it back down while he proceeded to verbally attack me.

The carpool director urged me to drive forward but I was frozen.  In shock.  I told the director I was unable to because the  Butthead was being problematic.

Carpool director shrugged his shoulders and gave me a hand signal that it was safe/fine to move on and to ignore psycho parent.

The event rattled me terribly.  I was shaking the whole time driving home.

This pathetic excuse for a human being saw fit to snap and verbally attack -FOR NO REASON – a woman with children in her car.

Can we say “rage issues”?

Oddly enough, the night before my friend Audra sent me a link to a story of a woman who was physically attacked in a mall parking lot.

So don’t be surprised if you read about a BMW rage-monger who got into a similar situation.

Do you think these people share some sort of genetic marker?

Also, to the stupid kids in the Target parking lot:  Just because your parents were stupid enough to foot the bill for your new SUV, doesn’t mean you don’t have to use your rear view mirror – or whatever else technology is installed in your vehicle to keep you from acting like the moron that you are.

You can honk all you want but that won’t change the fact that you are a remarkably horrible  driver.

Either drive carefully or drive into the Hudson.  And take the BMW D——bag with you.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Start Your Engines…

  1. Ooohhhh!!! I hate encounters like that!! They leave me shaken all day long! On the road I drive almost every day, the left lane has to merge into the right, and you have plenty of notice. If you don’t put on your blinker or attempt to merge, then I can’t help you. I passed a guy at the very end of the merge area – he was going slow, didn’t have on his blinker and wasn’t attempting to get over – so what else am I to do but to keep driving IN MY LANE! I honestly didn’t think about it, but he finally caught up to me at the light where I was turning left and he was turning right and I looked over and he was yelling and flipping me off and I was astounded! I rolled down my window and told him that he had to merge, not me, but he just kept at it. I just laughed and rolled up the window – I was in the right, but I still think about that episode and it bothers me!!
    Sorry to go off… but I hate that I get upset over their actions when they were wrong and I wasn’t!!!

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