Mall I Really I Want…

So now that holiday season is upon us, my time has come to curl up into a ball and dare not venture out until January 6.

It’s not that I don’t like this time of year…sort of…it’s just that  I hate the cold, the traffic to get to anywhere, and the long waits to purchase just about anything.

So it’s safe to say that I probably wont see the inside of a mall until sometime in January. A crazy concept for someone like myself who spent more time in malls during high school than attending class.  In fact, a few years after graduated high school, I finally admitted to my mother that it be might more accurate to say that I graduated from the Century City Shopping Center in the heart of Los Angeles.  This admission was during a visit to the aforementioned mall.

But as of last month, something changed when I visit the mall anyway.  As my fellow blogger, Larry at noted, the mall where the recent shooting occurred was practically in his backyard.  And mine too. I regularly frequent this mall.  But what’s more, the shooter lived in my neighborhood.  In fact he lived two doors down from a close friend of mine and there is nary a day when I don’t pass by his house.

I’ve past by his house many times before the shooting and many more since.  Not out of morbid curiosity.  On the contrary.  I travel down that block because it is a street that I actually need to use all the time, for instance, to get to the mall.

I can’t help but wonder every time I walk into a crowded place, if someone is about to go postal.  Especially now, since this recent shooting hit, literally,  so close to home.

As the days go by, I keep learning that more and more people I know were in the mall at the time of the incident.

Two days after the shooting, I entered the mall shortly after it opened.  I got a cup of coffee and wondered to myself if the person preparing my drink was there that night. I had similar thoughts as I browsed through Nordstrom’s and The Gap.

About an hour after I entered, the alarm and sirens were going off and people were saying that it was the same alarm that went off the night of the shooting.  Sure some people hurriedly rushed to the nearest exit, including myself.  To be fair though, we were leaving anyway.

But remarkably, so many people made no effort at all and just went about the business.  After all, who would be stupid enough to pull off the same stunt so soon after the initial one.


2 thoughts on “Mall I Really I Want…

  1. When the Columbine High School tragedy happened, our students and theirs had just a few weeks earlier competed in a sporting event. Once you’ve been to a place and know some of its people, everything changes.
    I agree with the previous comment: it’s just so scary.
    And it’s also sad.

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