Tata Tatas

Sunday night marks the fifth night of Channukah.  Together with my family we’ll light the assortment of menorahs we’ve amassed and created over the years and hope that the house doesn’t catch fire.  Maybe we’ll eat a latke or two.  But most likely none since we’re just not that into latkes.

Then I’ll go and get my self ready to go to a party.

This party is not a Channukah party.  I am the only one in my family invited.

How could I up and do this to my family on a holiday such as this?

I know it sounds like I am such a sucky person, so allow me to explain

I met Rachelle a couple of years ago when a fellow blogger, Larry, of the very entertaining and poignant www.memyselfandkids.com took the reins to form a writer’s group in our community.

In addition to Rachelle, Larry and myself, Frank rounds out the group and together we entertain, critique, laugh and schmooze.  Rachelle is our only poet.

Not to my credit, but I tend to not get poetry.  I often can’t relate to it or interpret the meaning of a given poem. But her poetry I get.  Her poetry is great.  It’s powerful.

See for yourself.  One of her poems is in the October issue of www.bluelakereview.com.

About a year after we first met Rachelle told us she would be going in for radiation to treat breast cancer.

During that time she wrote a poem the aforementioned poem.

A few weeks ago our writing group received an email from Rachelle.  She would be getting a double mastectomy come Monday December 2.

The night before she is throwing an “It’s Not A Pity Party, It’s A Titty Party” where she has big plans “to get sloshed and have a bra burning ceremony in the backyard.”

It should be duly noted that both Rachelle’s mother  and grandmother all had breast cancer.  In fact they participated in a study to check for any known gene.  But alas, Rachelle does not carry one, at least that modern medicine has yet to detect.

But Rachelle has graciously informed me that her new boobies will be able to hold themselves up on their own.  Go boobies!

I wish her the best of luck, the speediest of recoveries, and a successful and prolific career as a writer/poet.

And for her party Rachelle composed and plans to recite another outstanding poem which she allowed me to share with you all here.

Written by Rachelle D.

Written by Rachelle D.


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