And Then Came the Call To Action…

So I get this email dripping with oohs and aahs over me and my prowess in organizing class get-togethers.  It was so well written that you’d think I’d deserve  a Nobel prize. And I quote, ” You did such a great job organizing the party last year; I thought you would be a natural for this!”

Did you notice the subtle yet highly seductive use of the semi-colon?

I was being asked to volunteer my time and sanity once again.

The letter was so good that the fact that it was also a form letter was barely disguised.  My friend Amy received the same one.  But unlike myself, she  was smart enough to ignore it.

It should be duly noted that the author of this sycophantic letter is an ivy-leaguer (I know this because it’s part of her email address) and therefore, I assume, well versed in constructing letters meant to instill a false sense of confidence.

Anyways, last year’s get-together was a stress-filled shindig that I swore I would never help organize again.  Leave it to some other (un)suspecting fool, I thought.

“The choice is yours. To make the most of the school year, we would like the event to take place by the end of November, but otherwise we leave the details and format of the gathering to you! We certainly don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or alone;”

I needed time to think this over.  Truth was, I was hoping someone would eagerly and naively volunteer before I had the chance to respond  thereby absolving me from this exercise in futility.

“I just need the weekend to see what my work load will look like for the rest of the month,”  I responded hoping to buy myself some time. Ivy-leaguer must have been wondering to what workload was I referring as she knew I am a SAHM.  But SAHMs do still have workloads DAMMIT!

But in a moment of weakness I agreed to organize the get-together once again.

Yes.  I know what you’re thinking and you are right.

It was only after I begrudgingly agreed to the thankless task that I read the part about it taking place at the end of  November.

At which point I began to wonder if ivy-leaguer-sycophantic-letter-writer is on crack because clearly she forgot about a little event this year called Thanksgivukkah

There’s a lot of pressure there,  not to mention that ivy-leaguer mom conveniently forgot that she still owes me $10 from last year when I took on this role.  She and two other moms, that is.  Which has me once again questioning my judgment.  But hey, I do that everyday already.


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