On Car Washes, Moussa, The Ice Cream Truck Man And The Government Shutdown

It was a wonderfully hot day here as I sat in my car contemplating if I should take my car for a wash.  I’m really really past due for one.  The crumbs from various food groups – and not necessarily those of the basic four – are rising steadily and I’m quite certain that soon it will obstruct my view out of my windshield.


Image Courtesy of winnond/freedigitalphotoes.net

But then I think of the carpool I have to drive this week and say to myself, “Why bother?”

Besides, the government has shut down and while I don’t work for the government or plan to visit Yosemite this week I thought, better to save that money for the ice cream truck tomorrow than spend it on something as frivolous as a car wash, lest some other fiscal disaster arise out of the current one, that might affect me more directly.

After all, ice cream is way more therapeutic than getting your car washed.


Image Courtesy of Suat Eman/freedigitalphotoes.net

Besides, minutes after you drive off, that freshly cleaned luster begins to dissipate leaving you feeling the same way you felt just mere hours ago -with a perpetually messy vehicle.

But here’s the thing about Moussa, the ice cream truck man  and the man who dutifully – and promptly- shows up at our bus stop every Monday and Thursday at 4:00 : he makes the best chocolate milkshakes.  Ever.

No. Really. It’s true.  You see, I am the consummate ice cream snob.  Unless Haagen Dazs is gracing the cover of that pint (or quart), I don’t eat it.  But Moussa whips up this milkshake that is truly a work of art.  And I know for a fact he isn’t using ingredients of the Haagen Dazs variety.  But still he mixes the perfect blend of whatever and it’s…well…so good.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

In fact I don’t know or care what he puts in his milkshakes.  All I know is that tomorrow is Thursday and government shut down or no government shutdown, I’m getting my chocolate milkshake.


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