Guess Who Took My Ambien?

A Life in Rambles

Last month I had my check-up.  It was with a new doctor.  My previous doctor stopped taking almost all insurances and so I was forced to seek out new medical professionals.

A friend referred me to hers.

I called, made sure she took my insurance and made an appointment.

This new physician was lovely, thorough and sent me off with a clean bill of health.


Checking out I remembered to ask for a prescription that my previous medical provider always wrote for me: Zolpidem Tartarate aka Ambien.

Since I was a little kid, I have experienced bouts of insomnia.  I had a completely normal functional childhood with no childhood traumas. High school sucked, but I had insomnia way before I entered ninth grade.

My parents are awesome and are the best caregivers a child could ever hope for.  On that note, I blame them for my insomnia as I am quite…

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