Crushed. Crushing

Candy Crush.

Level 79.  It took me forever to beat it.   To crush it.

But I did it.  I crushed the candy, kicked butt on level 80 and am now on to the trials that will lead me to The Next Episode of Candy Crush.

The rest of my week did not fare as successful.  

I applied for some jobs last week.  For this I attached a resume (or so I thought), wrote a cover letter and submitted the requisite writing sample. 


They were both excellent fits, I thought anyway.  

Later I checked my email.  A new message tells me that the posting for one of the jobs for which I applied had been removed.  It was rather strange since it had just posted that morning but I’ve seen that on Craig’s List more than once so I just chalked it up just another bummer in life.

That evening I check my email again.  It was someone responding from one of the other job for which I applied.  They asked me to attach a resume.

What????  They didn’t see a resume in my initial email?

I checked my sent folder and sure enough there was the email I sent sans resume. How could that happen.  It was the first action I did when I applied.  Total rookie mistake.  Amateur hour.

The silver lining, though?  They still responded despite not receiving a major component in their application process.

After regrouping from the utter horror that mistake inflicted upon my psyche, I called my friend to tell her I was going to send her my resume as a test that my email was functioning properly.

“Okay Audra.  I’m sending it to you right now.  Did you get it?  Did you get it?”

“Just got it now. Ha!  CEO of your household?  Ha!” She clearly found my attempts to re-establish myself and my career as nothing short of amusing.  

As way to pad my resume it was suggested that I use my Stay-At-Home-Motherhood status and all the skills and experience it involves.

“This is hilarious,” she said as she continued to laugh and read the list of duties I have been involved in for the last nine years.

“My old boss suggested I do it to account for the gaping hole in my resume where my career used to be.  Besides, I just read to do that very same thing on a website geared towards women and careers.  So laugh all you want honey but it’s all I got.”

I sent off my resume, this time checking it was attached like twenty times.  This ordeal was triggering some major OCD in me.

 They responded.

“Let’s set up a time to talk later this week. What’s your availability?” 

Breathe.  I breathed.  Heavily.

It was Tuesday night.  I went over the rest of my week.  I responded.

“I am available Wednesday and Thursday 9-1pm eastern.”  

And as I continue to rehash the events in my head I think that it was at this juncture that I officially blew it and bid adieu to what might have been a really remarkable opportunity as I never heard back after that.  

“Get used to rejection.  You have to get a thicker skin.”  Audra screamed at me.  

“You should really go into fashion instead,” my friend Amy told me right before I went to unzip my jacket in a restaurant and realized I was still wearing my pajama top. 

Right.  I’ll think about that.





One thought on “Crushed. Crushing

  1. LOL! I did not scream at you! I just merely mentioned that you got a call back right away, I have been sending my resume for months and got not a one.

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